Highfives and Handshakes

Post screen shotWell that concludes yet another tour.  Upon returning I am filled with a genuine sense of positivity and optimism.  Not only in music but in people- friends and strangers alike.  I feel blessed to have traveled with my friend Shaul Eshet through this vast country and share the stage with him each night. It was truly an honor to play with one of the greatest musicians I have ever known.  If you caught any of our shows I am sure you would agree.  But music aside, perhaps the greatest gift tour has to offer is the interactions with strangers and the relationships you build with people you would normally not have met.  To all the friends from the road, new and old, it’s been really spectacular spending time with you. I can’t tell you how much the early morning talks over coffee, the late night laughs on your living room floor; the ‘on the house shots’; and all the high fives and handshakes have meant to me.  Thanks you! You can catch us at Pianos in NYC this Sunday 11/22 at 11pm. See you folks soon!