Update From a Rest Stop in Illinois

Hey folks,
For the past week of tour drives have been long but I finally have some time today to update the site. First off, the tour so far has been amazing. I am 37 shows in and I can’t even begin to describe how many wonderful people I have met who have shown great support. Here are some updates to as whats been going on:

Yesterday in Rock Island, Illinois I was fortunate enough to have played a Daytrotter session. Thank you so much Ian and Sean for the opportunity to play at your studio, it was amazing. Be sure to check up on their website, for the release of the recordings.

Vinyls of “Document Untold” are in and you can order them on bandcamp . CD’s and digital downloads are also available. Punknews.org recently wrote a great review of the album which you can check out here .

Future plans are in the works for a European tour in the fall. If any one has any helpful contacts over there please contact me. More news on this to follow.

I would also like to congratulate my friends in Pile for their amazing new record they just released called “You’re Better than This”. Make sure to check it out. Also, my buddy Yazan just released new material as well which is also amazing. I am proud to have gotten the opportunity to travel with all those guys for the first leg of tour. They are greatly missed.
I have added a few shows in NYC for when I return so New York people be sure to check them out. Well I think that just about does it. 6 more shows then back home. More news to come!