“Ghost Dance” premiere

So pleased to share with you my first single “Ghost Dance” off my upcoming album which Nooga.com has featured on this week’s Notes From Left of the Dial. Thank you Joshua Pickard for the kind words.

Radiator King, “Ghost Dance”
The work of Brooklyn’s Radiator King (AKA Adam Silvestri) revels in the gritty, realistic narratives of classic rock ‘n’ roll and the austere emotionality of folk-inflected punk. Through these seemingly disparate sounds, he concocts a wide-ranging series of stories and revelations intent on carving themselves onto your heart. Borrowing a bit of raucous New Orleans jazz noise to fill in the spaces within his songs, Silvestri aims to create a fever dream of colliding influences and realized rhythmic epiphanies. He’s currently gearing up for the release of his latest record, “A Hollow Triumph After All,” due out April 28.

On his new single, “Ghost Dance,” Silvestri lays claim to a darkened corner in a smoky bar at 3 a.m. Guitars and thrumming percussion etch a rough portrait of a life lived hard and give us a glimpse of the experiences that he may or may not want to forget. Channeling the dark spirits of Springsteen’s “Nebraska” and the Southern gothic stomp of Sixteen Horsepower, the track levels the landscape around it, revealing a deep and recessive emotional reservoir. And it’s here, in this dark ether, that he confesses to and embraces the ghosts that always seem to be a step behind us.

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