Home From Tour

Hey Friends,

 I’ve finally made it back home safe and sound.  For 42 days and 10,687 miles this tour brought me around the entire country and damn, what an amazing run it’s been!  So many wonderful new friends were made, and I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to share my music with all of you.  A sincere thanks to all the folks that made this tour a success; from those who came to shows and bought merch, to the ones who took us into their homes and let us crash on their floors. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

I am incredibly thankful for the amazing response we’ve gotten from the new album so far, thank you to all who have showed their support.  While out on the road, songs featured on A Hollow Triumph After All have charted at 12 different AAA and college radio stations and are getting airplay at over 100 more. In addition, the album has been featured in music outlets such as Paste, Impose, PunkNews, No Depression, PopMatters and the Bluegrass Situation. This past week, New Noise Magazine has premiered the video for Ghost Dance, if you missed it check it out HERE!  

The tour has brought me through this beautiful country, a good chunk of which I traveled alone.  As you would imagine this got awfully lonely at times but also made for some pretty spectacular moments. The vast landscape of our country is awe inspiring and it’s beauty, from the canyons of New Mexico to the salt flats of Utah, never gets old. To arrive at such extraordinary sights, not by the swiftness of a plane but by a long journey filled with ups and downs, made the experience all the more special. 

For those of you on the West Coast that missed us on this tour, you can catch us from July 28th-August 5th where we’ll be touring from L.A to Seattle with our friends Scarlet Sails.  For this run I’ll have a killer band lineup of Brian Viglione on drums, Ed Goldson on bass, and Shaul Eshet on keys.  You can check out the dates and details under  “shows”. 

Well that just about does it.  Take care of each other out there and I hope to see you all soon!