PureVolume Premiere

Hey Folks, here’s another tune called “Murray’s Hurried Blues” off the upcoming album that PureVolume has just premiered! Check it out!


Brooklyn’s Radiator King is a name that’s more suited for a local hardware shop than a singer/songwriter. Yet Adam Silvestri has a sound that would be at home in the city’s ’60s folk scene or in a Southern honky tonk. His latest song, “Murray’s Hurried Blues” with its swinging folk rock that’s accentuated by a rollicking riff and a mean piano that really cooks. His new album, A Hollow Triumph After All, will blend that folk rock with elements of punk, rock and Americana, with this tune leading the charge.

“For this song I aimed to meld together the vast styles of music that I love, spanning both time and genre, to really highlight their energy and rawness,” the singer explains. “Sonically, I was after a sound that combined the ferocity of Jerry Lee Lewis, the attitude of the Clash, and the coolness of James Dean. I wanted to weave it all together in a driving sound that was free and chaotic.

“For the lyrics, I had to find the right voice to match the mood. What I ended up with was a law-breaking, hard-living, love-making (even if he pays for it here and there) character who prescribes to the live fast, die young type of life. He’s a loner doing the best he can with the cards he was given. I think we can all relate to him, really. By the end of this crazy ride, he’s just looking for some forgiveness from the Big Man upstairs.”

Radiator King’s A Hollow Triumph After All is out on April 28.

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