Summer 2017 Tour Announced!

Pleased to announce that we will be heading out for a West Coast tour this summer with our friends Scarlet Sails! For this run the band lineup will be Brian Viglione​ on drums, Edward Goldson​ on bass, and Shaul Eshet​ on keys. Here are the dates…
Friday July 28th – Resident​ (FREE SHOW!) – Los Angeles, CA  w/ Magnolia Memoir​
Saturday July 29th – Dyzzy on Vynyl​ (FREE SHOW!) – Long Beach, CA
Monday July 31st – The Ritz​ – San Jose, CA w/ Future Myth​
Tuesday August 1st – Hemlock Tavern​ – San Francisco, CA w/ Night Animals​
Thursday August 3rd – Black Forest​ Eugene, OR
Friday August 4th – Kelly’s Olympian​ Portland, OR w/ Garanzuay​
Saturday August 5th – The Beery House​ – Seattle, WA

See you on the road!!